What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Bit of a Binge April 1, 2017

In this crazy day and age when it seems like the only way to escape constant panic about the sad shape of the world is to either binge on kitten videos or boxed wine, downtime can seem depressing.

If you’re sitting down to enjoy yourself at the end of a long day, shouldn’t you be out fighting for equality and justice? Taking a long lunch with some yummy coffee? Shouldn’t you instead be educating yourself on the tragedies in Syria or I don’t even know what part of Africa is the worst right now so I’m not even going to try and name drop?

This blog took a dark turn, huh?

But it’s true! You could spend your lunch cleaning up trash in your neighborhood, planting a community garden to feed the hungry, or, if you hate being outside, knitting hats for premature babies.

But seriously, it’s hard for me to ever feel like it’s okay to just chill out. Either I should be working one of my many jobs or I should be trying to save the world. But I wasn’t born with the constitution of an activist, just that of a workaholic. I get overwhelmed by caring and go back to working instead. And then when I can’t rally enough to do either, I book binge.

When my brain can’t write another chapter and hearing about one more child who drowned trying to reach safety, I book binge.

Recently, I tore through Six of Crows then demanded the second book in that series. Then I read the Grisha trilogy in five days. First of all, it proves that Leigh Bardugo is awesome and you should totally check out her books. Even the binding on the Six of Crows series is beautiful.

And that wasn’t even my biggest book binge. I read the last Harry Potter book in eighteen hours, including my work hours. I read the Illiad in one day! It’s sort of a problem, but not as big as droughts causing famine, so it’s totally okay.

Book binging might not be as mind numbingly blissful as watching a kitten try and fit in a Tupperware, but at least book binging isn’t meth. And you’re expanding your mind, and growing your empathy… so good things?

And at the end of the day if you avoided meth, prison, and hospitals you won… right?


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