What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Perfect Theme February 6, 2017

I have the pleasure of currently living with roommates I like. I don’t mean to say that I don’t usually like my roommates or even that liking my roommates is a rarity. What is rare is having roommates who like the same TV shows as you enough to binge watch as a group. Like we’ve done with West World… and Sherlock.

And in this binging I have discovered something. Theme music is everything.

I love Game of Thrones. I love the theme music of Game of Thrones. When I plan to watch the show with friends, I automatically start singing the theme song, and with the musical theatre crowd in which I am so deeply ingrained, you can expect the counterpart and harmonies to be there as well.

We all fell in love with West World after one episode, and when we talked about watching the next one, none of us could hum the theme. We knew there were creepy piano hands and a horse, but not really what the notes were.

Four episodes in, we just started singing the Game of Thrones theme song with “It’s the West World, the world of west, the world of west, the world of west, the world of west, the world of…” because we still couldn’t sing the song!

I’m a Walking Dead fan, and I can kind of remember that song, but I really only know that you’ll see Darrel’s vest. True Blood had a gross but super memorable song and opening. Same with Justified. I always looked forward to True Blood and Justified just so I could see the openings!

And don’t even get me started on Dexter! That opening was sheer cinematic brilliance!

I wish West World had better music to fit with its 3D printing, but alas, I think the song is here to stay. At least the subpar piano has led me to contemplate the brilliance of other openings. And hopefully no one will stone me for saying I don’t like it.

If you think I’m wrong, I’d love to know why. Or what your favorite show openings are. I’m always keen to discover a new obsession.


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