What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A New Level of Nerd October 8, 2016

I have officially reached a new level of nerd. And this is coming from the girl who thought she was going to marry Alexander Rozhenko, has dressed as a TARDIS for the last three Halloweens, and craves the Walking Dead like a walker craves juicy, live-person flesh.

But still I have reached a new level of nerd. I have officially started playing Dungeons and Dragons. And… I like it.

I sort of feel like I might be entering an episode of Stranger Things by playing D&D, but if the upside down is where I’m headed, at least I’ll have a good proficiency with my long bow. I mean, I get +7 with whatever I roll on that one, so the Demogorgon should be no problem.

Though truthfully my character isn’t doing so well. I’m already down to a third of my life, and we haven’t even started the quest proper. So chances of my dying of goblin-inflicted wounds are pretty strong right now. I’ve been promised if I die early I can be assigned a new character that the group can meet along the way.

The Dungeon Master, which sounds really dirty if you think about it, said a lot of people cry when their character gets killed. But I feel like I’ll take the death of the folk hero I’m playing well. I mean, folk heroes are prone to early deaths, and in the books I’ve written I’ve killed a lot of characters. Some I’ve really, really loved.

So I’m going to let the archer fight her best against the goblins or whatever dragged our friend into the woods, and if she dies, she will die with dignity and bravery as any good folk hero would.

Don’t worry, I’ll pack up my nerd now and go back to being a musical theatre girl with fake eyelashes and sequins.

The Nerd


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