What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Off the Wagon September 26, 2016

Guys… I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. I used to be so good. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday every week. One blog over on my author site. And then… moving, traveling, adventuring, theatring, and publishing caught up with me.

I love everything I’ve been doing! From painting my face green in Oz to road tripping to see lovely faces I’ve missed so much, I love it. So much so that blogging about it fell through the cracks. Maybe it’s a personality flaw. I’m so much better at sharing the disastrous and humorous moments of life than the wonderful and perfect ones.

Maybe that’s a personality flaw. Maybe it’s the lessons in being humble that society teaches us. You don’t want to be seen as bragging when things go well. Maybe it’s just that life is so much more entertaining when things go wrong. I mean, who would watch a TV show where everything goes right? Even in fairytales Cinderella has to run home with one shoe.

But the beautiful and perfect days in life are noteworthy, too. So I am making a resolution to spread, through pictures and posts, the stories of the wonderful days as often as the days that involve catastrophe.

And I think it’ll be really great!


One Response to “Off the Wagon”

  1. We need each other in the tougher moments, so it makes sense that those are the moments when we reach out and connect most often.

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