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Kaiser Permanente for the Epic Fail September 20, 2016

I need to vent for a second. I have Kaiser Permanente health insurance. I pay every month for my freakin’ Kaiser Permanente insurance. Lots of dollar for this damned insurance!

All I needed was refills on some nose spray and my inhaler. Both prescriptions I have had mailed to me out of state while traveling for shows before. First, the doctor sent the refills to the local pharmacy instead of the online app. Fine, a mistake anyone could make if they didn’t read my email to them closely enough. So, I have to call in to the phone line and ask to have them mailed.

Then they tell me that they changed the policy and can no longer mail out of state…cause this wouldn’t have been an important thing to know a few weeks ago? I registered for this insurance specifically because they would mail prescriptions out of state! Gah!

So then they tell me – and this is after talking to seven people, two of whom transferred me to get rid of me, and keep in mind I was on the phone for more than an hour – that I can have my prescription sent to any Walmart. I’ll pay out of pocket, but they’ll reimburse me.

Thank God I have learned enough not to trust anyone at their word when hundreds of dollars are on the line. Because I emailed, and then when no one wanted to answer those, I tweeted. Then I got emailed about the Tweet, but all they said was “someone will answer you.” Which we all know in social media specialist terms means for the love of God don’t tweet! Let’s stall till you run out of steam so no one else knows of our failed customer service shame! So I got no real information from the fail faces on the Twitter side.

But finally, after dealing with this for hours and hours and running out of my nose spray and inhaler so breathing is a bitch and I have a sinus headache sent directly from Satan, I scoured the app till I found an email address I hadn’t tried yet. Found a random person who was interested in doing their actual JOB and received written confirmation that no, if I buy out of state there will be Zero reimbursement! If I had listened to the phone folks, I would have been out $700!

So what is the moral of our story boys and girls? Kaiser Permanente prescriptions and customer service suck. Their buildings may be pretty. You may have the ability to email your doctor. But when you are out of state and out of meds, they will give you the run around for a week rather than admit that their lack of communication or any desire to help their customers will make your week a living Hell.


4 Responses to “Kaiser Permanente for the Epic Fail”

  1. I call them Kaiser Permanente, the Phantom Menace. Remember: They’re a business, not a service. They lie about this a lot but the business aspect always wins out in the end.

    I dropped them many years ago and never went back. Haven’t had a problem since.

  2. They are large enough to have an office specially dedicated to resolving issues like this, it is time consuming, but if you can get this all back on track maybe it would be worth the time.

    • I’ve stalked every line or communication. The people who should be the ones to help are the least interested in doing anything remotely helpful. I did get a person to officially confirm they can’t help me, but…that’s about all I could do.

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