What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Well… That Happened (Or A Night at Casa Bonita) September 13, 2016


I’ve had the amazing opportunity, along with camping this summer, to go and visit my mother in her new western home. It was a great trip.

We saw huge and beautiful mountains.


Found some great animals



Drank tea, saw flowers, and… went to Casa Bonita.

Yep, that’s right, the Casa Bonita of South Park fame and home of “eatertainment.” It was an experience.

Honestly, the food was worse than Taco Bell, and our server looked like she wanted nothing more than to toss us face first into the waterfall that is the central feature of the dining room. But it was still totally worth it.

Every fifteen minutes they do a “show.” By “show” they mean a man with semi-decent abs dives, in a mediocre fashion, into the indoor waterfall pool, climbs back up the fake cliffs, and then dives again.

Every once in a while, a dude who hasn’t been leaping into the water all night comes out and pretends to be a cowboy. He joins diver guy, and they do a skit I couldn’t really follow, which ends with the dry guy pushing the diving guy back into the water.

The only time the poor diving guy didn’t end up in the overly blue pool at the base of the waterfall was when he was dressed in the gorilla costume.


Thank God they didn’t make the poor guy swim in that suit. Can you even imagine putting on a wet gorilla suit every night? Ick.

There were some caves to explore and a decent mariachi band, but it was the campiness of it all that really made the night.

The poor diving guy having to announce himself and thank us for coming to the “most exciting restaurant on Earth” while beaming like Gilderoy Lockhart was awesome. He knew it was bad, and he jumped off those fake rocks anyway, winking at the people who clapped conspiratorially, making sure we knew that he knew he really wasn’t very good at diving.

So we cheered louder to make climbing up the rocks for the tenth time that hour worth it. And it was great.

And it made me super grateful to be going back to musical theatre this week.

So if you’re ever in the area, head over to Casa Bonita for some eatertainment. Clap for the performers as loudly as you can, and then eat at home. You’ll have a great night!


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