What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Smiling Irish Eyes June 2, 2016

Guys… we did something compulsive. Something that is nigh on unbelievable for actors. We booked a vacation for next April.

That’s right. Plane tickets have been bought, and next April we are going to Ireland! Bah!!!

We have been talking about going to Ireland for a while. We even went to Barnes and Noble and bought a guide book! But it still seems so far away to buy tickets and have like… a life plan.

In Actor-land, knowing what you’re doing in eleven months is crazy talk. But the husband and I are lucky enough to work for an amazing company, so our year has been booked! The shows are lined up, the road trips are planned. And since we know what shows we’re doing, why not book a trip? Because that is so normal-people adulting that I’m freaking out!

So much life can happen in eleven months. How many times could I get frost bite in that time? How many kitchen fires can I cause?

But Ireland has castles, mountains, pubs, and the Guinness factory! How could anyone not jump on a super cheap airline ticket with a really great airline? And it’s a direct flight! It takes less than seven hours in the air to get there! How many adventures can we have on the Emerald Isle in two weeks? How many sights will we see?

I don’t know, ‘cause I’ve never been there! And that makes it super exciting! And I have eleven months to do research! Bahhhhhh!

I am the happiest kid!

And next post, I promise I will tell you a great story. Like what it was like to go to camp with a bunch or reality show kids. Vodka in water bottles – that’s what it was like.


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