What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Well Played, Pixar April 27, 2016

Pixar has done it again. Last night, I found myself ugly crying over a cowboy dinosaur movie. I don’t even know if Good Dinosaur was actually good. But there I was, trying to put together a puzzle, finishing it, realizing three pieces were missing, Spot found a family, and boom: ugly tears.

(Be warned. There are spoilers to multiple animated movies below. All of them moments that make us ugly cry.)

And the worst part is Pixar has done this to me before! Up! I was fine with the musical montage at the beginning, and by fine I mean managed to cry in a ladylike manner, but when the grouchy old guy shows up with all the dogs at the scout ceremony. Tears. Openly crying, no shame, snot everywhere bawling.

When we went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D, I glanced over at the husband when they were all being wheeled into the jaws of death, and he was openly weeping. Tears streaming out from under his 3D glasses. I leaned in and whispered, “It’s a kids movie. They won’t be burned alive.” Didn’t matter. He kept crying. And I was so proud of myself for staying strong. Until Woody was in the damn box. Then tears.

And it’s not always Pixar. How to Train Your Dragon’s Christmas Special the Gift of the Night Fury. Magic Christmas tears. It’s love. True Snoggletog love!

Big Hero 6, weeping when he fades into the abyss. That big, squishy, lovable sacrifice. Bah! I can’t take it!

I think I might be broken. A farmer dinosaur makes friends with a rabid human, and then when they have to go to their separate families I cried!

Maybe I’m just a sap for cartoons. Maybe the animated characters tap into wells of feelings live action films cannot. I even cried more for Dobby than for Dumbledore. But any way you figure it, I ugly cried over a strange kid’s movie that involved an acid trip. Well played, Pixar. Well played.


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