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The End is Nigh March 29, 2016

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I have a confession to make. I’m a terrible blogger. I’ve been getting distracted, missing posts, and now I’m going to make excuses for it.

First, I went to Thailand, and here is a beautiful picture by means of apology for that time away.


And then I came back all inspired to work on new books and projects and to a new publishing contract. I have stories that aren’t true buzzing through my head, and they’ve led me away from the stories that are too amazing to need exaggeration.

But I do have good news that is currently giving me a nervous breakdown. I’ve almost finished writing the first draft of the final book in The Tethering series.

Take that in for a second. Almost completely finished writing the fourth and final book in The Tethering series. Close to writing the final words about Jacob Evans and Emilia Gray. Blood has been shed, and loved ones have been buried. Battles are happening, and once they’re over, the books will be, too. There will be no more stories to be written. No more kisses to be stolen. It’ll be done. The characters will either be dead or left to soldier on out of reach of my laptop.

I started working on the series five years ago. More than that if you look back to the original idea of the boy in the window.

Five years of writing and editing. Of submissions and blog tours. And now it’s almost done.

And then it will be time to move on to the next series. Time to let the next characters live.

But what about the Gray Clan? What about the Pendragon and the Hag? Their stories will be done. I’ll have to save and close the file. Move it to an external hard drive.

Call me a sentimental weeny, but it hurts my heart to leave the boy in the window behind.

But the story is done, and it’s time to move on.

Only three more scenes to go. One more moment of peace, and too many tears to count. And then it will be done.

So please pardon the random schedule. I’m finding the end.


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