What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Thailand – The Land of Judgey Side-Eye February 6, 2016

The husband and I aren’t rich. I mean, we have fun and travel, and life is beautiful. But there is a certain level of fanciness that I am neither accustomed to nor comfortable with.

Almost everything in Thailand (apart from the things at the one mall that was crazy fancy) — food, transport, and massages — is all super cheap. It’s a twelve hour time difference between where we live and Thailand and takes more than twenty four hours to get there, so the Husband decided to book us fancy jet lag massages. It wasn’t too much per person, and the guidebook recommended this really cool spa. So off we went.

The husband’s bag had, of course, been lost on the plane, so he was wearing an outfit made of clothes from street vendors and looked rather like a clown. I was wearing nice-ish clothes, at least nice for a backpacker. When we got to the hotel, the doorman promptly stopped us and asked if we needed anything. We said we had spa appointments, and he let us in with a judgmental side eye. In the hotel lobby was a string quartet. Yep. A real string quartet. We had to walk through the super fancy restaurant to get to the private boat to take us across the river to the spa.

While you’re picturing us gliding across the river, please keep in mind my husband’s clown pants. We get to the spa where they give us fancy tea and cool towel before escorting us to our private massage room complete with rain shower! There was a rain shower! A big one with glass walls! And they let us use it!

We had the massages, and that was great. And my husband wasn’t wearing the clown pants, so I don’t think the masseuses judged us too hardcore.

But it gave me an aspiration in life. Not to stay at a fancy hotel where they judge people based on the pants they have available. But to have a real glass walled rain shower of my own someday. With a stone floor and steamer.

The people bowing, I can totally do without. But that shower…. What a treat!


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