What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Christmas Engagement… I Think December 25, 2015

I know I said I was going to not be posting as consistently for the next little while. But you guys, two days ago was the best day ever! I mean obviously it’s Christmas, so that just makes life magical, but then I got to the theatre and was handed a special announcement for curtain speech.

Jane Borough, will you marry Scott Wilson?

(Please note names have been changed for the protection and privacy of all those involved.)

And that was the whole thing. The guy didn’t want to come onstage or anything! Just for me to get her attention, and ask if she’d marry him.

So after we announced a one-hundredth birthday, I called out “And Jane Borough, is she here?”

Of course no one said anything. “Do we have a Jane Borough?”

Finally, a little hand popped up in the back of the theatre.

“Will you marry Scott Wilson?”

Everyone gasped, and Jane didn’t really say anything. But she smiled and kissed him. So we sort of all said yay and moved on with our lives. But I think she wanted to marry him, so hooray for happily ever after!

And on top of getting to propose to someone without having to go through the bother of kneeling, buying a ring, or meeting them, I got the best rejection letter ever!

They don’t think there’s a market for the concept, but they think I’m a fantastic writer and want me to submit another manuscript.

Well, Merry Christmas to me!!!!

And to all of you!

Yay Christmas!


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