What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Wingless Wonder December 13, 2015

It has been a week y’all. With Disney World and book releases and broken wings.

See, I’m a dancing angel in A Wonderful Life this Christmas. The number is called Wings, and I’m sure that you’ve guessed that it’s about Clarence wanting his very own wings.

The dancing angels all have wings attached to bits of wood on backpacks. Easy to dance with, and the look is quite effective. Until it’s not.

I have a quick change to get into my angel costume, and as I was dashing to the stage, my wings clipped a set piece. Yes, I hit my wing on the wing. Not hard. Just a little tap. I didn’t think anything of it and ran onstage to dance. But then one of the other angels knocked into my wings, and suddenly things felt a bit different. I felt something sway and glanced behind my shoulder. My wings had flopped to be upside down with the pointy side up by my face.

There was nothing I could do, so I just kept dancing with my wings flopping awkwardly behind me. Until right before a lift I turned to jump onto my partner, and the wings went thump on the floor in a comic yet anti-climactic way. But the number wasn’t over, and I couldn’t just leave the wings lying on the floor.

Perhaps, I should have handed Clarance the wings the show could have been over and we all would have gotten to go home and hour and a half early. But instead I took the more mature path of grabbing my sad broken wings and tossing them into the…wing.

Obviously I was giggling like a manic while I pranced about the stage with a bare piece of wood on my back, but I couldn’t stop thinking Well, now I have a blog for this week.

In other non-wing related news:

My publisher is running a Rafflecopter to give away five copies of Nuttycracker Sweet! The rafflecopter only takes a second to enter, and it’s super easy. So please follow this link.

In other Nuttycracker news, the lovely DM Cain posted an interview with me on her blog:

And after a morning of caroling, my belief that Christmas really is the best time of year has been confirmed! Christmas is wonderful, and winning free books makes it better! So follow the link and enter to win Nuttycracker Sweet!


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