What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Christmas Ornaments November 29, 2015

Guys. It’s Christmas. Santa has driven his sleigh past Macy’s, and it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

I love all of it! I will hang lights from everything that holds still! I have already begun wrapping presents and am freaking out that I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping!

And I have the best idea ever for Christmas decorations! Since the husband and I travel a lot for work, (and are Disney obsessed) we have lots of pins and patches from our adventures. But I’ve never really found much of anything to do with them but store them in a box and find them whenever I try and clean my room and then pack them back up again.

But then I had the most amazing idea ever. I am going to make all the pins and patches into simple Christmas ornaments. Then my Christmas tree will be a memory tree.

Here is the first ornament, featuring Pluto of course.


It’s simple, and hopefully I’ll refine the style as I go. But I can still remove the pin from the felt if I want to change how I’m making the ornaments.

Now every year when I decorate my tree, I can remember all my adventures!

Yay Christmas!!!! I love Christmas!!!!!



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