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Blood in the Pointe Shoe November 21, 2015

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It’s that time again, folks! We’re are creeping up to the big release for my Christmas novella Nuttycracker Sweet, which is going to be released by Fiery Seas Publishing on December 8th!

I’ve started working on the promo materials, and it’s all been a little crazy. I’m a professional performer. It’s how I buy food, and I know I am super privileged to get to do what I love to do for actual dollars. But I am by no means a ballet dancer. It all started with not having enough turnout, then moved to the fact that I’m built like an amazon with real boobs, and there was also that nagging fact that classical music isn’t really my thing.

But I did spend hours in pointe shoes. And for those of you who have never had the wonderful experience of pulling bloody lambs wool from between your toes, dancing in pointe shoes is not a glamorous thing.

When I was sixteen, I went to a ballet intensive on Long Island. The teachers were great. The program was great. There are probably a few stories I should share from all that, but my point today is until you’ve had to ask your ballet camp counselor if she can find you a Styrofoam egg carton so you can make yourself a fake toenail to tap into place before you put on your pointe shoes, you can’t know the trauma of being sure you do in fact have ugly feet during sandal season.

Just so you know, I lucked out. The cafeteria at the camp had Styrofoam egg cartons, and they very kindly gave one to me.

But aside from the pain and the glamour, there is something about an art where two bodies are meant to collide that can turn the smallest slight into a feud and the tiniest attraction into a romance.

Sweat, love, and sparkles. I just had to write a story about it.

And now I have to turn all that into a useable blog that doesn’t sound like I have an ugly foot fetish.

Wish me luck.


2 Responses to “Blood in the Pointe Shoe”

  1. idiotprufs Says:

    So people have toenails that aren’t fake?

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