What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Musical Has Opened! September 26, 2015

Second Chances: the Thrift Shop Musical is officially opened, and I am officially a big kid lyricist! I’m like in the program and two newspaper articles! It’s crazy! One of the articles even stated my age, which was… great. I mean, I’m not terrified of being an aging chorus girl. That would be weird. Maybe I should look up how expensive botox is. Hmm…

But really, sorry for the absence. Between moving literally across the country and opening a brand new musical I haven’t had two brain cells to rub together or time in which to do it.


Even still… I got nothing.

I don’t have any funny stories. I mean, there’s a cat who thinks he lives in my company-provided condo. Or maybe he’s just trying to spread his wings and make the whole condo complex his home. I opened the door to go outside, and the cat ran in. As soon as I reached down to grab him, he ducked under the futon so I couldn’t reach him. Tried to lure him out with cheese. Cat hates cheese. Had to wait it out. Was a little late for rehearsal because I had a stowaway cat hiding under one of the four sofas in my living room.

And I made friends with a lizard.

Sorry, guys. I’ll try for excitement on Monday.


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