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I’m a Genius! September 9, 2015

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Guys! I’m brilliant! I’ve just come up with a system for conflict resolution that will never be beat! Every time you want to say something snarky to someone, you have to phrase it as a haiku!

Example 1 — for incompetent co-worker:

No whining allowed,
I thought you were a grownup,
Stupid poopy pants.

In taking the time to formulate the haiku, you’re making sure you’re really saying what you mean and not speaking rashly in a way you’ll regret later.

Example 2 — for roommate disagreement:

Drenched is the tile floor,
Too filthy is the toilet,
Pig, not a person.

Example 3 my favorite the marriage argument:

Dirty socks on bed,
Crumbs between the sheets again,
Was not me this time.

Please use this method in your everyday life. Not only will it help you to exercise your brain, you’ll seem more intelligent, confuse the folks around you, and say fewer things you’ll regret later.

5,7,5 people. This is how we change the world.

Note: woke up with a raging cold and wrote this post. Maybe not going to save the world, but right now, in my feverish and congested head, this is brilliant.


One Response to “I’m a Genius!”

  1. acubedsf Says:

    This is brilliant!

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