What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

#GratefulAuthor August 17, 2015

My mother has always been a little indulgent. Not like buying my sister and me the coolest shoes that all the kids had to have, or buying me a puppy any of the million times I asked for one. More like my sister decided that she desperately needed to go to summer camp, so my mother became the camp’s arts director so my sister and I could go to camp for the summer. Or when I decided I need more dance classes and she found another studio where I could moonlight.

But my favorite was the day my sister decided she needed a bag of cement. My sister didn’t know what exactly she needed the cement for, only that it was vital that she make something out of it.

Most parents would probably have refused to by their thirteen-year-old a bag of cement, and even more would probably have been furious when that child proceeded to ruin a chunk of grass in the backyard, experimenting with the cement until that child managed to produce a thing that almost resembled really sandy art.

But the best part of the story is today my sister is a ceramic artist and art professor. And it all started with my mom sighing and buying my sister a bag of creepy concrete.

For me and writing, it was not so difficult to get the supplies to begin. And thank God for that, considering how much pointe shoes cost. But the first book I wrote as a school project still sits on my mother’s shelf, complete with the cover my artist-sister painted for me. And for that love and support, I am always grateful.

This past week, my husband wrangled our friends and my readers to create a huge surge in my Facebook page’s likes just to make me feel special. And I was so grateful for all that love and support, I decided I wanted to have a big ole’ Facebook party! A chance to thank readers, friends, editors, everyone who makes plugging away at my keyboard worth it, and I would love for you all to join the fun. The party will be from 1-5pm EST on Saturday, August 29th. Anyone can join the fun for giveaways, gratitude, and a chance to chat with some really great authors!

So click here to join, and then have some fun with the #GratefulAuthor Event.


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