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Dreams of Dinos July 4, 2015

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I knocked a huge item off my Denali bucket list! The husband and I found the fabled dinosaur footprints!


It was like fate had decided that we needed to visit the fossil.

For two years, I have heard about the fossil, but no one would tell me where it was! All the locals and guides would confirm that there was a footprint, but in an (understandable) attempt to preserve the integrity of the site, wouldn’t tell you where to go.

I was so afraid that I would never be able to find the secret location.

But then, at a bar last week, my luck changed. While my husband played with a jazz combo, I overheard two people talking about how they had found the prints, complete with what creek they had hiked up!

As soon as I knew the creek name, it was like knowing the secret handshake. By implying I already knew how to find the footprints, people told me how to do it!

We got a map and were ready to go! We were on the park bus to get to the creek, and there was one other local riding with us. He was heading out to hike the same creek. To see the footprints he had visited before!

In a show of Denali awesomeness, he became our hiking buddy and tour guide for the day, leading us right up to the fossils!


The most noticeable fossil is the upside down trident-looking thing between our heads.

It was amazing. Getting to see a real dinosaur fossil firsthand out in nature not in a museum was a dream come true. Surrounded by the mountains, it was like living in Jurassic Park, but for real. I kept expecting a dinosaur to peek it’s head out from behind a rock, and in my dreamland, the dinosaur would be my friend and carry me to the top of the mountain!

It was an amazing hike and an amazing day.

Cheers to another great Alaskan adventure.


One Response to “Dreams of Dinos”

  1. dodgysurfer Says:

    I love finding footprints too. Most of them locally appear and disappear with the action of the tides, covering, shifting and exposing. They’re mostly on loose slabs. You never know what you’ll find, or mostly not find, and never the same thing twice.

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