What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Stomp Out the Habit June 8, 2015

It’s me again. Megan’s husband. I’m here with a public service announcement. Already this summer, there have been at least three moose stompings in the boundaries of Denali National Park by the same cow moose. And yet, you know the true problem? People become idiots when they have cameras hanging around their necks. I should know. I have a camera and have charged toward wildlife before. Granted, it was a caribou and was running the opposite direction before I ran forward by just a couple of feet to get on a rise to take a few photos. Here’s one that I got last year (sorry if you’ve seen this photo from me before)!


But I digress. The main reason for my soapbox this morning is this: if you have been warned against approaching an animal and that they can and will charge you if they are feeling harassed (which I guarantee you all who were at this location had been), don’t approach the damn animal to get a better shot! Ok, who knows? Maybe not all of these people were approaching wildlife. I’ve just seen too many tourists getting out of their cars and approaching moose to think that these stompings weren’t due to stupidity on tourists parts.

In short, please be careful when approaching wildlife. If it looks like it could kill you, it probably can. Stay… in… your car! That is all.


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