What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

A Boatload of Book Reviews June 3, 2015

The book review tour has begun! And sweet baby Jesus, it is more stressful than hiking off a mountain to outrun a storm, which I did yesterday.


And the storm won. I got hailed on, fell on my butt, and may have cried a little.

But still, getting four reviews of your book as soon as you wake up in the morning is terrifying.

So far everyone has been really happy with both books in The Tethering Series and has had wonderful things to say.

“The journey they go on felt like a mixture of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, as the adventure is filled with danger and drama and interesting characters they meet along the way.”

So, The Siren’s Realm is like falling down a hole into a world of insanity with nothing but a wand, luck, and love to keep you alive. Actually…a really fair assessment. And I love both books even if the caterpillars freak me out, so I’ll take it!

“In the end what they did may save them, or it may just hasten their ruin.”

I sort of wish I had thought of that quote for the back of book blurb. That’s really cool.

“You can feel the action building and boiling, ready to boil over.  It’s a type of feeling that keeps you reading, unable and unwilling to do anything else.”

I’m my head, I picture the reviewer doing the peepee dance as she refuses to go to the toilet, surrounded by small children and animals, all of whom are begging for their dinner. But the reviewer refuses to surrender to their demands for sustenance until she finishes my book.

I may be delusional, but a girl can dream.

Of course, there were things that made me declare loudly to my husband as though he had written all the reviews himself. “That’s isn’t what I said at all! And if they think that it’s derivative of XYZ, then they need to research ABC!”

But really, even the XYZ folks liked and recommended the series. So, I’ll take it as a win!


And there is also a rafflecopter going on with the book review tour and you can enter it here!

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