What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Mysterious Window April 22, 2015

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I’m a planner kind of girl. If I think I might have lost my planner, I have a minor freak out. I mean, how am I supposed to function without it’s cheerful elephant decorated pages telling me what to do every day. I frequently write down blog ideas in my planner. Funny stories I’ve just remembered, crazy random happenstances that simply must be shared with the world, even an occasional reminder of what soap box I was standing on yesterday.

Every once in a while, I write a little note in my planner, and then the next day have no freakin’ clue what I was talking about. For today’s post I was supposed to write about windows.

What does that mean? The incredible troll farting window? Did I break a window? A window into someone’s soul? How much is that doggy in the window?

What was I talking about?!

It’s driving me crazy! What is this amazing story that I have mysteriously forgotten? Or maybe it wasn’t a blog. Maybe I was supposed to do something with a window today. What could that be? If I don’t do anything with this mysterious window, is something bad going to happen?

Am I supposed to pay a bill for a window? I don’t own any windows! I live in cast housing!

Elephant planner, why do you hide your secrets from me? Why?!!!!

So please make up a story about a really cool window and pretend it was today’s blog. I’ve got nothing, people. Nothing.


2 Responses to “The Mysterious Window”

  1. falloutbass Says:

    technically you did write a blog about windows…

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