What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The WP in Permanent Ink April 11, 2015

The Dance Major scale phobia saga continues…

Part One

Part Two

And now, Part Three:

After the first shock of seeing everyone being weighed my freshman year, I almost got used to the concept. Three times a semester, we’d all line up and hop onto the scale, hoping that the number wasn’t high enough to get our ballet grade docked or get kicked out of company.

I was fine with my weigh-ins during freshman year. I didn’t gain any weight and didn’t give enough of a shit to try and lose any weight to please the department.

Then when I was gone doing summer stock the summer after my freshman year, I got a letter in the mail. They wanted my weight to go down ten pounds from where it had been, which was my audition weight. I was a little confused. If they had accepted me at my weight, why would I be too big now? And not to sound like a snot, but I was already pretty tiny.

But I didn’t want to lose my scholarship so I bravely gave up chocolate and salad dressing and lost a few pounds. Not the whole ten pounds, but as much as I could while still eating three meals a day. So I figured I would be fine.

I did my first sophomore weigh-in, and the next time I saw my file, I saw a big ole WP in the corner. I spent a few hours trying to figure out what WP might mean. Wonder Person. Wanting Personality. White Person? Wednesday Pilates?

It meant weight problem. On my academic transcript I had been forever marked as a weight problem. Right next to my US History grade. Weight Problem to follow me through my academic career.


2 Responses to “The WP in Permanent Ink”

  1. AthenaC Says:

    I’m just shaking my head – that is absolutely obnoxious.

    Reading your experience with this is somewhat timely for me – I’ve been buckling down and working out really hard two or three times a week, and while I noticed the increase in muscle virtually overnight, it took about three or four weeks for me to see the fat slowly start to dissipate. I made the mistake of weighing myself the other night – and I had gained ten pounds! I am now remembering why I stopped caring about that number years ago – for certain body types especially, the number on the scale means virtually nothing.

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