What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Weighing the Scale April 8, 2015

After being accepted into the dance program of my dreams, I was thrilled! I had won the university lottery! I mean sure, I was a little concerned about the fact that they had put my weight on my acceptance letter (for part one of this blog series where that is explained please click here), but it was a great school.

When it finally came time to move into the freshman girls’ dorm, I was so excited! Yay college! I mean sure, the place had strict rules about male visitors. Only during business hours. Must be accompanied by the person who signed them in at all times. Had to leave ID at the desk and so on. Our dorm mother Mary was a scary trucker-esque lady with the ability to broadcast her voice into your room at two in the morning. And the windows couldn’t open. But hey, it was great!

Then classes started, and the first thing they did was line up the entire dance department and weigh each of us. Some of the girls were stripping down to nearly nothing to step on the scale. And we were already wearing leotards and tights! How much can dance tights weigh?

But it was still fine. Right? I got back to the dorm that night, and the elevator was broken. I lived on the sixth floor and really had to pee. So, rather than do the six flight with a very full bladder, I decided to use the lobby bathroom and then climb to my room.

I go into the bathroom and there is a big sign on the door. No puking in this toilet. It will clog, and the entire building will back up.

How often were people sick that they needed a sign? But then I remembered my audition day. All those girls throwing up their salads, and I knew. Bulimia had busted this bathroom before.

I ran up to my room a little afraid that someone might puke on me while I fled. I told my roommate about the sign downstairs, and she told me that was nothing and didn’t I know why the windows didn’t open?

The story was that ten years ago, you had been able to open all the windows in the dorm, until a dance major who didn’t make weight and got kicked out of dance company decided to throw herself out a sixth story window.

Normally, I would call something like that an urban legend, but after seeing the girls take off their tights to get on the scale, the story was all too easy to believe.


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