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A Home of Our Own March 9, 2015

My husband and I have made a decision. We’re moving to Narnia. Now, I’m not crazy. I’m not packing up my suitcase and trying to burst through the back of my wardrobe, though I’m not saying I haven’t tried or wouldn’t be off in a flash if it worked.

Narnia is what we have named our, yet to be determined, dream city. A place with local theatres we can work for that isn’t New York or Chicago. A place with outdoor type things to do and room to breathe. Any place we can afford a little home of our own.

Right now the plan is to find a place we want to live, save up a killer down payment, buy a place where we can have a roommate who will continue to live in our house even when we are gallivanting around on out of town theatre jobs. The roommate would help cut costs and make sure we know if something goes wrong in the house  right away when we’re out of town. And, considering we’ve been living in cast housing for the last eight years, we’re really good with roommates.

I know it may seem strange to want to buy a home if we’re not going to be around all the time, but we need a place to call our own and to hang our art. So, on to Narnia it is. No idea where Narnia will end up being. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

But from this moment on, I declare us to have a plan.

Start saving up for down payment in Narnia.

Find Narnia.

Find house in Narnia.

Hang art.

Buy plants.

Find perfect roommate who is really good with plants and doesn’t give spoilers on TV shows before I can watch them.

Continue gallivanting without carrying our entire lives in the car because we actually have a home.


3 Responses to “A Home of Our Own”

  1. Best of luck on your search – it is a good aim that won’t tie you down if you manage it right.

  2. Sam Wend Says:

    Have you spent any time in Philadelphia? It’s a fantastic theatre city, and I know a lot of artists who’ve managed to buy homes and be comfortable here (roommates or not). Plus, it’s definitely convenient to Lancaster, which I know is one of your frequent touring locations. Let me know if you want to talk about it!

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