What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Best Worst Idea Ever March 7, 2015

When I was little, my mother took my whole Girl Scout troop to a lodge every winter. For more background of that lodge and how it nearly killed me a few times, click here.

But this story is about how I almost got my sister killed. Love you, sis!

See we wanted to go sledding down the giant hill, but for some grownup reason, that just couldn’t be allowed this time.

There was a little hill out in front of the lodge, and all the adults said that was plenty big enough for sledding. We went down it a few times, but it was honestly anti-climactic. The adults went inside to do grownup things, and we tried to have fun with our terrible hill.

But then we realized that if we built a snow ramp at the bottom, we could fly into the air and land in the parking lot. This was clearly better than just meandering slowly down the hill on a sled. We built a tiny bump. It was still boring, so we all worked together to build a three-foot snow ramp. It was a thing of beauty. Proof that teamwork does make a dream work.

We all climbed to the top of the hill, looking down at our work of art. Then it was time for someone to actually go over the ramp.

After a few minutes, my sister finally stepped forward and bravely said “I’ll go first. I’m the oldest. I’ve lived the longest.”

She slid down that hill with an unprecedented show of daring, flew six feet in the air, lost her sled, and fell flat on the ground.

I was convinced she was dead. She was convinced she was dead. She lay on the ground, staring at the sky until she realized that if she could hear us screaming, clearly she wasn’t dead.

The grownups came out and saw what we had done. My sister was taken inside for an ice pack and a strong cup of tea, and sledding was banned for the rest of the weekend.

That ramp may have only been used one, but boy did she fly!


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