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Captain’s Log March 4, 2015

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Captain’s log. Star date…I’m too cold to care.

I’ve been in this ice box called Upstate New York for two days now. After the first few hours, I managed to build a fire for warmth. But there is still no water.

I found a block of ice that had frozen a shoe to a pipe in the laundry room.


I had hoped that by ridding the ship of that ice, water would begin to flow. I was mistaken.

The crew’s morale has gone down with the inability to flush the toilet.

I have been trying to melt snow to dump down the contaminated commodes to make them flush.

It takes a strangely long time to melt snow next to a woodstove without melting the plastic buckets.

I have heard rumors of a professional coming to look at the pipes to find the issue. Perhaps the pump needs priming. Either way, we will need help from Starfleet Command before we can continue our mission.

We will press onward with our struggle to survive.


4 Responses to “Captain’s Log”

  1. You have two problems: getting them to flow, and then keeping them that way in continued cold weather.

    If the pipes are not badly frozen, it may be possible to thaw them by running water elsewhere in the system.

    Our upstairs HOT water pipes froze; I ran hot water in the sink downstairs, the water heater kicked on, and the frozen pipes started flowing.

    When it is cold, we drip a tiny stream of water out of every pipe that has frozen in the past – running water is much less likely to freeze. When it gets below 20 here in NJ (not very common, but bad this winter), I start the dripping. So far, it always works – on pipes I’ve known froze in the past.

    There are more permanent solutions – an electric tape that can be wrapped around the pipes (sort of like an electric blanket) that can be plugged in on cold nights. Ask your Home Depot equivalent or plumber.

  2. May the force be with you. Oops! Wrong sci-fi, bit still,applies!

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