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A Celebratory Tattoo February 21, 2015

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I got a new tattoo! With The Tethering paperback being officially available to the general public, I decided it was time.

The tree of life is a very important symbol in The Tethering series. Not only is it featured in the cover art, but it is also the crest of the Gray Clan, the family which my  protagonist ends up joining. I know you may think getting a tattoo to mark my first novel may seem a bit extreme, but this is a huge accomplishment. One that can never be taken away. And now for the rest of my life, that pride is etched into my skin. And my husband’s. Cause he decided to get a tattoo, too!


The top of the foot is NOT a pleasant place to get a tattoo. But it doesn’t so much hurt as it feels like nails on a chalkboard in your skin.

The only moment when I nearly backed out was when I was talking to the tattoo artist, and he said, “So you want more light brown in your tree.”

And I answered, “Yes, err on the side of light brown.”

He looked at me like I was wasted and said, “What?” in his grumbly tattoo man voice.

I realized he didn’t know what err meant, wanted to run for the door, realized my husband already had his tattoo and that I would be a horrible wife if I abandoned him. And his tattoo went well, so maybe it didn’t matter if the artist didn’t have a strong vocabulary.

All those things went through my mind in two seconds before I smiled and said, “What you said. I was just repeating what you said. I do that when I get nervous.”

Then I crawled up on the table, had my foot pummeled with a needle, and now I have a lovely tattoo.

IMG_0651           IMG_0645

And I am glad he erred on the side of light brown.

156044_825661690873_5717361320959295614_n          IMG_0652


One Response to “A Celebratory Tattoo”

  1. Tom Says:

    Congrats on the book Megan. Heheh, that’s a funny story behind your tattoo. Cool tree of life you both got, nd I really do like the browns!

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