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The Truth About Cats and Dogs… and Me February 4, 2015

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I have spent the last five weeks dog sitting. And I have learned one very important thing: I am a cat person.

It’s not that I hate those dogs, though one of them can be… difficult.  It’s the time commitment. Cats can take care of themselves. If you leave the house for twelve hours, you come home and they’re like,”Lowly human. You have returned to my kingdom. I thought you had perished. I accept your presence in my domain.”

With dogs, you’re gone for like four hours, you come home and they’re all like, “I thought you were DEAD!!!!! I almost DIED!!!!!  And I must PEEEE! Maybe on YOU!!!!!!!”

That is way too much pressure.

And it’s not just the having to pick up the poop.

The first kitten I ever adopted tried to run away, and I caught it in a flower bed. I didn’t realize the cat was mid-poo and ended up with a sweater covered in cat poop, which smells terrible. But I loved the cat, and it learned to poop in a box.

I know some dogs can poop in the box. But the dog would still hate me for staying out past 10:30pm. The dog would hate me for sleeping past 7:55am.

I am certainly and irrevocably a cat person.

But hey, at least I learned this lesson with someone else’s dog.


7 Responses to “The Truth About Cats and Dogs… and Me”

  1. Carol Says:

    I love coming across such a sensible human. If only there were even more like you 🙂

  2. Im the SAME way! I love that they can take care of themselves!

  3. Maybe you should watch someone else’s KIDS for a weekend…..

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