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The Signing of the Books January 10, 2015

I can’t spell. I went to an elementary school that taught holistic language. For more information on why a spelling bee is my version of Hell, please click here.

Normally, I can generally muddle through  with spell check and Google, and my editors are (I think) unaware of my inability to spell. But this week, the first shipment of The Tethering paperbacks arrived for me to sign. And not just scrawl Megan O’Russell and call it a day. That would be easy. I sign programs at the theatre all the time. For the books, they actually want me to write heartfelt inscriptions. With words and spelling. It ‘s going to be hard to convince people that I’m a legitimate author if the inscriptions are all wrong.

Needless to say, I freaked out and spent the entire day typing my heartfelt messages into a word document, letting autocorrect figure out how many “e”s are in awesome. In case you were wondering, I actually got that one right. I then carefully transcribed the inscriptions, and I think I actually got all the I’s and e’s in the right place.

Here’s hoping I didn’t make any horribly embarrassing mistakes.  And don’t tell my editors. What’s the point in having a non-authorly blog if you can’t confess your lack of spelling prowess.


My signing the first copy of The Tethering!



One Response to “The Signing of the Books”

  1. You MAY find this entertaining. I had to spend a quarter of an hour the other day signing my own name over and over, because I had discovered it didn’t work right, and every time I signed a check in public I wondered if they would notice how I hesitated – on my own name!

    I am glad to report that, after doing it deliberated a couple of times, the problem has passed. Another one of those interesting little glitches brains throw up.

    I’m sorry you can’t spell. Is it fixable, now that you’re a grownup? Many things are. Or is it just the way you’re wired?

    Be creative – use your thumbprint and a couple of initials, and make bunny ears.

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