What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Live Theatre is Exciting (Or Performers Are Human, Too) January 3, 2015

All us musical geeks out there know that the talk of the town has been Idina Menzel’s sour note live on New Year’s Eve. Whether you hate her and think she’s awful or understand that she’s been doing eight shows a week and might be tired, is your choice. But Idina’s is not the first mess up to have been captured on film for posterity.

For instance, there’s Leslie Uggams who forgets that songs have words.

Or for you non musical types, this poor girl who takes playing blind a bit too far.

Live theatre is exciting, partially because you never know what might happen. Sometimes it’s an improvised note. Sometimes it’s a sour note from a tired singer. Either way, it’s the beauty of performing live: you never know what might happen next.


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