What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Pirate Ball of Destiny December 17, 2014

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There is an amazing mini golf course on Cape Cod, Massachusetts called Pirates Cove. If you’ve been there, you know the magic that is animatronic pirates singing to you whilst you putt. If you have never had the joy of knocking around a pink ball on Black Beard’s Boat, you need to go to Cape Cod and play. Sure, there are other locations, but Cape Cod is awesome, so go there.

We used to play there every time we went to Cape Cod. My sister and I loved it, but there is one game that lives in Sandlot-like infamy.

One of the holes is very difficult. You climb upstairs, hit the ball down a spiral ramp where it can fall into one of three holes, then the ball goes through mysterious underground tubes and eventually (hopefully) lands on the final level where the actual hole is. And never fear, my non-stair climbing friends. There is a handicap version that has its own mysterious tube to lead you to the ball’s final destination.

My sister and I loved playing that hole. We loved chasing the ball down the ramp by running down the stairs and seeing if we could beat it and see where it landed. On this legendary night, my sister was perhaps a little too excited to play the ramp hole. She hit her ball so hard it hit the lip of the spiral ramp and flew into the air, soaring out through open space. It landed on the handicap green and went through the hole, through the underground tube, and into the cup! It was my sister’s first hole in one at Pirates Cove. The spirits of the long dead marauding pirates smiled down on my sister’s golf ball and guided it through its flight and on to destiny.

I thought she should have gotten free games for life. They gave her a gumball.


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