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I Hate Pink December 15, 2014

I hate pink. I’ve always always hated pink. I really think I came out of the womb, they wrapped me in a pink blanket, and my internal dialogue as I began to cry for the very first time was, “Why the hell am I in pink?”

My sister had a pair of pink glasses in elementary school. Those glasses are a very sore subject in my family. My sister loved them at the time, but now looking back at pictures, she always asks my mother why she was allowed to wear them to school. Truth be told, they were a little terrible. Maybe my hatred of pink has to do with a fear of pink glasses.

Or it could be having been forced into pink tights to go to ballet class for so many years. I liked ballet. I hated the evil pink tights. They make you look like you have legs made of pink cotton candy.

And speaking of pink treats, do you know how pink lemonade was invented? Circus performers had been using the lemonade vat to wash their red tights. The water was left in the bottom of the vat, and it dyed the lemonade pink. Rather than tell the circus patrons they were drinking filthy tight water, the seller said that pink lemonade was a new fashion. So, next time you drink pink lemonade, remember that people suffered through drinking sweaty tight water. And that is another great reason to hate pink.

Why am I ranting about pink? I wrote a short story that will be in an anthology, which will be available for preorder at midnight tonight. A story that, strangely enough, involves a little girl who loves pink and magic.

And the story begins: The cat was pink. Brilliantly and undeniably pink.

Also, there’s still time to sign up for the Thunderclap for this anthology. It’s fast, easy, and free, and it will help many new authors be seen. Simply click the link below and follow the instructions. Thanks!


One Response to “I Hate Pink”

  1. Oh my goodness. I hate pink as well… but mine has to do with a handknit sweater from my grandmother. Here is the link if you care to puke some pinkness together:

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