What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Making of a Kickstarter Video December 8, 2014

What do you get when you ask an actor to put together a Kickstarter video? Showgirls and kicklines, clearly.

I have a short story in an anthology that is going out for preorder via Kickstarter next week. The anthology, Athena’s Daughters 2, is all about female voices in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Naturally, my story is about a girl who likes pink and fairies, but hey, the sparkly voice is still legitimate in Fiction.

My publisher asked me to make the Kickstarter video, and I was pleased to oblige. The video is a very important part of any Kickstarter campaign. It introduces the audience to your project and hopefully convinces them that they want to become backers.

With a budget of peanut butter cookies and warm hugs we had five show girls, five dancers, seven singers, and some unsuspecting house guests in the video that was filmed in two different states. Since the costumer likes me, we were able to use the costumes from Crazy for You and A Christmas Carol. The lighting guys turned on the stage lights, and a Kickstarter video was born. Which was probably way more time consuming and involved than a video for a book needs to be. But hey, if you have sparkles and dancers, use them, right?

Though I think next time I make a Kickstater video, it might be simpler. Maybe an original song, just a few guitars and maybe a uke. Filmed in front of a live audience. Yep, that sounds like a nice streamlined plan.


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