What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Unedited Truth December 3, 2014

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So, I’m in edits for the second book in The Tethering Series. I wrote a really nice post all about the wonder of getting a book shiny and polished for my author blog. But you all know me, and I can be myself on this blog without being judged for being un-authorly. Hence the reason I can say things like un-authorly.

Problem one with edits: you walk around talking to yourself all the time. I walk to the theatre muttering under my breath about the difference between glimmer and glisten, saying both words until they begin to lose all meaning.

I Google things like the difference between what smeared blood and dripped blood look like on someone’s face. First of all.. ewww. Don’t look that up. And second, I’m probably on an FBI watch list now.

Then I start stressing out about tiny little things. My editor wants to take the word actually out of a sentence in a character’s dialogue. If I say yes, am I compromising the heart of that character? Am I stealing their voice and losing my artistic integrity with the deletion of one word?

And how in hell does a person ride a centaur? Do you grip with your knees and hope for the best. Do centaurs wear lederhosen and you just hold onto the back straps? Probably the best suggestion I’ve gotten is to grab the centaur’s nipples and steer from there.

So, I apologize for posting later in the day than is my Wednesday norm. I was trying to decide what love without magic would be like and wondering if a piece of paper could be called a page.


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