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The Beginning of the Bells November 17, 2014

Christmas is here! I know, I know. You’re probable all like, “It can’t be Christmas yet. We still have to do Thanksgiving. Give the turkey a chance before your move on to the fat red man and Jesus.”

But I want to start both now. I won’t get to do Thanksgiving this year. I have two shows that day. I also have two shows on Christmas. We didn’t get to really do Christmas last year since we had to drive from Pennsylvania on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December to get to rehearsals in Arizona by the 27th.

But here’s the thing. When I was in Alaska in the middle of nowhere for the fourth of July, there were no fireworks. Mostly because the proximity to the national park makes it illegal, but also because it’s so bright out at night, fireworks would be lame.

Fireworks are some of my favorite things. Disney, holidays, I don’t care. I love them. ALL of them. But I said, “What’s one year without the holiday? I have the rest of my life to do the fourth of July with dangerous things that make a big bang.”

But only twice in the past ten years have I managed to see fireworks on the fourth of July. Once because I was unemployed and once because it fell on a matinee-only day. I love being an actor, but I can’t spend the rest of my career waiting for a day off the see fireworks.

I don’t know how to set off my own fireworks, and I really value my fingers. So I may not be able to do fireworks every fourth of July. But I can walk around in red, white, and blue with streamers coming out of my hair. If that’s the fourth of July I can get, fine, I’ll take it. But life is too short to wait around for the perfect celebration.

There won’t be any turkey this Thanksgiving. But we will have a meal together, and (hopefully, if I don’t have rehearsal) we will watch the parade in our pajamas. And I will start decorating for Christmas, even though I’m not at home. I will make ornaments and have a Christmas with palm trees. It may not be conventional, but we will have a wonderful actor Christmas.

So, as I head into tech for A Christmas Carol today, I wish you a Happy Christmas. May you keep the spirit all the year long. God bless us, everyone!


2 Responses to “The Beginning of the Bells”

  1. We have home-made individual large pizzas – everyone gets a pizza with only what they want on it, and can eat the leftovers whenever they want. Much easier than turkey. It’s been a tradition since the in-laws stopped coming, and we’d have leftover turkey forever.

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