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How to Change into a Victorian Costume in a Parking Lot without Getting Arrested October 7, 2014

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How to change into a Victorian Costume in a Parking Lot without getting arrested.

Step one: Put your giant skirt over your head. Sorry boys, you’re out of luck. You have just discovered one of only two times in life it’s better to be a woman. Number one being when trying to get a drink at a bar.

Step two: With your skirt draped over your head, take off all your clothes. It’s naked time!

Step three: Begin re-dressing from the bottom up. While in your dress tent, start with your stocking, go to the petty coats, and work your way up.

Step four: Have a good friend pass in to you your lining for under your corset and hope your nipples don’t show through.

Step five: Pop out of the waist of you skirt and see how many people have stopped in the parking lot and are now staring at you.

Step six: Have someone tighten your corset while you speak in your best Scarlet O’Hara accent.

Step Seven: Have someone paste you into your bodice.

Step Eight: Walk into the ball pretending that you were dressed by four maids in your own personal dressing room.


3 Responses to “How to Change into a Victorian Costume in a Parking Lot without Getting Arrested”

  1. It CAN be done – woman can do anything. Hilarious.

  2. adequatedad Says:

    I once saw a woman enter a dog tent at a reenactment dressed in a uniform for the field, and emerge in a hoopskirt and dress for the ball afterwards. Never seen it happen in the parking lot though….that deserves serious accolades.

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