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The River Song Saga October 4, 2014

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We got our new (to us) car yesterday!!!! After lots of saving and planning, the day finally came. And naturally, things went to hell.

We called the bank to make sure they knew we were planning to take a poop load of money out in the way of U.S. postal money orders last week. They said fine, they would put a note in our file. Then yesterday morning we called again on our way to the post office, and they said yes, the note was still in the computer system. We got up to the counter and started the whole process. Since we needed so much in money orders, we had to get our profession and social security numbers and everything else entered into the system. Then the postman went to run the card… and it was declined.

So, we called the bank. Actually, I left and went to Starbucks, and my husband called the bank. Apparently the person processing the payment needed to enter a special access code. Not that they had ever mentioned that before, but suddenly it was a thing. After half-an-hour of my husband passing his phone back and forth with the postal dude, they managed to figure out that the post office doesn’t have the ability to enter the security code.

The bank told us to go to a Western Union. So we went. It didn’t work. We called the bank again. Now we couldn’t get out more than three thousand dollars in a day… not that they had ever mentioned that, either. They did give us the option to go to Wal-Mart, use our debit card and do lots and lots of debit transactions, and pull out the cash two-hundred dollars at a time.

Holy poop monkeys. Luckily, when we told the car dealer that we were having problems, he was willing to take the three thousand we had in cash and the rest as a personal check.

So we went to the dealer. We gave them the money and the check. Next we should get a car, right? Oh no, we had to wait for the husband. The husband showed up and said we had to go to the notary. Please keep in mind we were supposed to be at rehearsal in twenty minutes at the theatre, which was nineteen minutes away.

I texted the director, who is lovely and said to take a deep breath and get there when we could. We got to the notary, and they freaked out because we needed the car registered in Tennessee where our insurance is and where my husband’s license is from. But I have a New York license. So I can’t be on the Tennessee paper work…

I told them to just take me off the registration. I didn’t care anymore.

Then they needed a fax of the insurance card since our copy wasn’t good enough.

Finally we had all the papers.

Then we had to go back to the dealer for him to initial a paper we had with us at the notary.

Then we got to drive over to our new car.

We arrived at rehearsal half-an-hour late with a new appreciation for our iPhones and a new car! We’ve named her River Song in tribute to Doctor Who. Since she’s blue like the TARDIS and a light color like water, we decided the name was fitting. And River Song was introduced in the Silence in the Library episode that my publisher is named for.

We’ll miss our old car, Pam. She was a tried and true friend. And getting rid of her feels like the end of an era. Like we’re suddenly supposed to be all grown up or something.  But I’m not sure I’m capable of being a grownup, or if I really want to be one at all. So here’s to discovering a whole new world with childlike wonder and a new car.

A toast to the adventures of River Song and the O’Russells!


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