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Peep Show (Or Fake Boobies, Coincidence, and Chocolate) – PG 13 September 23, 2014

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When I was on the National Tour of Fiddler on the Roof, we had a stopover in Las Vegas. I know what you’re thinking. They let a bunch of actors just run around Vegas? And the answer is, yes. It was one short day in the neon city.

Naturally, I wanted to do the Bellagio Fountain Show and the Aquarium. We went to see Cirque du Soleil Zoomanity and ate Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate more times than I am proud to be capable of in a twenty-four hour period. What can I say? There was a walkup, outdoor counter, and I am weak.

We were having a grand old time and headed over to meet with some cast members for a friend’s birthday dinner. After people had started to disperse, one of the girls got a call. Her boyfriend was Ice T’s makeup artist on Law and Order, and he had asked Ice T to ask his wife Coco if she could get our friend tickets to see her in Peep Show. Our friend now had four tickets! It was one of those situations of being in the right place at the right time. She had four tickets. There were four of us left. We were going to see Coco’s boobies!

You hear about showgirls with headdresses and strippers with poles in Vegas, and Peep Show was a perfect marriage of the two, complete with music by Broadway composer Andrew Lippa. It was all sorts of fairy tale characters trying to tell their stories by taking their clothes off, and Coco was the little girl lost in the woods. The little girl with giant fake tatas. Really well done fake tatas, but God did not make those boobs.

They had security guards along the front of the stage making sure that no one tried to leap up and grab Coco. And once, when she had to walk through the aisle in the audience, a man did try to follow her out! I don’t know how he thought he was going to get backstage with her giant boobies. If the guards didn’t stop him, Ice T would have killed him.

It was strange to see a quasi-celebrity who is the wife of a friend’s boyfriend’s face he paints for the camera naked. I mean, she was fine, and the show was better than Zoomanity in my opinion. But my friend’s boyfriend does makeup on the face that motorboats those fake boobies. It just seems like playing six degrees of separation with the nipples that were being flashed was a strange way to spend an evening.

The best part of the show was a three-girl number choreographed to My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard. They had a glass vat of “milk” that the girls danced in, slamming their legs into the wall on the hits of the music so their skin showed through the milk. It was kinda hot.

And after the show we went backstage and met Coco, her fake boobs, and her dogs. How much more Vegas can you get?


Sorry for the late post. Tech week is taking over my life.


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