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The Land of the Midnight Rain August 27, 2014

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The land of the midnight sun rain.

I love Alaska, and as my time here begins to wind down, I must take this chance to reflect upon the fantastic opportunity I’ve had to spend a summer in Denali.

It rained. It rained a lot. And then it seemed it was time for more rain. In fact, the people who work deep in the heart of the park had to be evacuated by helicopter because of the flooding. Every time I really want to do a hike, it rains.

But I did get a few good hikes in. The Savage River social trail nearly killed me. Flat top made me want to curl up and die. Cathedral Mountain gave me a close encounter with a caribou.


And I got to see the Alpenglow on Mount McKinley on the solstice.

photo (7)

We flew around the top of Mount McKinley.


And rode a scenic train.


Preorder began for my very first book.

TheTethering Cover Final Small

So now I suppose instead of sitting here in my fleece robe cursing the gray sky and the icky piddling rain that never seems to stop, I will be grateful for an amazing summer and hope to have a few more days to explore in the Alaskan sun.


2 Responses to “The Land of the Midnight Rain”

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