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The Little Star-Bound Book August 18, 2014

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When I was fifteen, I took a community college course all about children’s literature. We studied everything from Green Eggs and Ham to Harry Potter. I did an amazing defense of the use of upper vocabulary words in The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles. And our final project was to write a children’s story.

Most people did clip art ABC books. One woman did a hand-painted ABC book that was gorgeous. I wrote a Middle Grade fantasy novel. I was in the play King Lear that fall and had a lot of time on my hands backstage. So, I wrote an entire composition notebook’s worth of story. My father typed it into the computer, and I had my very first book.

I was so proud of that story. My sister painted me a cover, and we bound it in star fabric so it would look like a real book.

Looking back, the story had issues. I still think it was a brilliant concept, and I hope to go back and re-write that first story sometime into something publishable with no head hopping and consistent points of view.

That star-bound book is on my mother’s shelf at the head of her bed, and soon she’ll have another book to join it. The Tethering Preorder begins tomorrow!

I cannot tell you all how excited I am!

I’ll update this post tomorrow with the Preorder link and post a special blog tomorrow all about the Preorder process. But for tonight, I will celebrate the fact that the little star book made me love to write, and now my story will be going out into the world.

TheTethering Cover Final Small
The Tethering’s Preorder has begun! Click here to Preorder your copy today!


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