What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Football (Or A Cute Guy in Spandex) August 6, 2014

Football season is upon us. I think. I don’t actually know, but according to my Facebook feed, kittens in memes are very excited for football. I like queso, and that’s about as close to being a football fan as I get. I watched the super bowl last year, but to the best of my knowledge, Bruno Mars won.

I did attend a football game once many moons ago at West Point Military Academy. It was the big important Army vs Navy game against Annapolis. My scout troop went to West Point every year for camporees, and the cadet who was our sponsor for a few years happened to be the mascot. Now, I don’t mean a creepy little foam star man like my university had. At least I think that was our mascot. I never went to one of those games either. The West Point mascot was the Black Knight. So, our cadet friend would ride a mule around the stadium doing tricks in a suit of armor. He would jump from mule to mule and do all sorts of really neat things. He was a pretty badass mascot.

There were lots of people running around in the center of the field, people kept screaming about things, and we stormed and conquered the men’s room during intermission since the girl’s bathroom line went so far around the curvy circle tube on the inside of the field, you couldn’t see the end any more.But the real excitement was the Black Knight.

I was too young to really have a thing for that cadet, but as the youngest of the girls I was with, I knew that what he was doing in that suit of armor was very important. Until during one amazing trick of jumping from mule to mule, the Black Knight fell down and tumbled to the ground between the two mules. They had to stop the game and take him off the field. He looked so brave lying on the gurney. Our hero had been wounded in a football game. The girls in our group all cried, terrified of what would happen to the Black Knight.

It turned out he was fine. He had only sprained an ankle. He showed up to meet us after the game in his black spandex under armor jump suit and took us for rides on the mule. I feel like I was too young to appreciate the black spandex the other girls were staring at, but I did have a blast riding the mule.


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  1. Ah, the failed opportunities! Try to remember!

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