What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

Feminists in Earrings August 2, 2014

Have you seen the new craze Confused Cats Against Feminism? Well click here and thank me if you haven’t. It’s cats with funny signs. What more can you ask for?

But here’s the thing, it’s a funny site about a very real issue. I believe in equal pay for equal work. I believe that men and women should be considered equals in all things. That’s the number one premise of feminism. So really, I qualify as a feminist. (If you don’t know the definition of feminism, please click here.) But I also wear heels, sequins, and occasionally corsets for a living, which the anti-feminists say makes me one of them.

I have no intention of giving up my heels or asking my husband not to buy me those new earring I’ve been eyeing to prove that I think men and women are equal. So some feminists wouldn’t want me around, saying I shouldn’t want a man to do anything for me. But saying that all feminists get angry when a man opens their door would be like saying all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church. I would get angry comments just for suggesting such a thing.

So men, tell your girls to be proud of their woman-ness while giving them earrings. Tell your daughters they are powerful in their prom dresses. And women, be who you want to be in heels or hiking boots. With picket signs or knitting needles. Love who you are and know you deserve to be powerful and respected. And for the love of God, someone please dress a cat in camo and a tiara and add a picture to the Confused Cats Against Feminism site! I would do it, but that would mean tracking down a wild lynx and trying not to get my face clawed off.


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