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I Found a Geocache You Guys! July 28, 2014

Yesterday, I found a geocache! A geocache is a thing where people with gps units hide or “cache” things for other people with gps units to find. I don’t have a gps, but I found one! All right, so maybe I cheated a little. A friend I work with had found it and gave me a little clue as to where to look. I almost pried my fingers off trying to open the damned thing, but the inside was so neat. People had left all sorts of things. Their geocache traveling cards, like business cards but with their geocache location on it. Some left tiny toys or little notes. I left a bookmark and button for The Tethering and proudly wrote my name in the little book, which has somehow passed through hundreds of hands without being stolen or destroyed by graffiti or thrown away by someone who thinks it’s stupid. (I would like to note that I was going to share a picture of the geocache I found, but I thought that might be considered cheating.)

The rule is you can take one of the little tokens people have left if you leave one of your own. And people have been doing just that. This time next week, my bookmark could be in another country! How exciting is that?! And it restores a little bit of my faith in humanity. There are travelers who want to keep the record whole. To share the joy of discovery with the next person who stumbles on the treasure. If we can agree to do that, what else can we work for together?


2 Responses to “I Found a Geocache You Guys!”

  1. mamafails Says:

    I have always wondered what geocache was!

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