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For the Love of Publicity (Or Dancing Naked on a Table) July 23, 2014

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Many moons ago, I worked with a moderately famous girl. Let’s call her Emmy Rosebutt. Emmy Rosebutt was not the nicest person to us mere mortals working for the illustrious theatre company. She was a royal brat in many ways. But she was also having career issues. She was young, pretty, and kept getting beat out for the really great roles, which I suppose could make anyone into a little bee.

On more than one occasion, she loudly declared that Lindsay Lohan was stealing all of her rolls, because Lindsay was in the tabloids and was doing dirty things to someone’s cousin. Emmy Rosebutt would then loudly ask if she needed to dance topless on a table to book a movie.

The obvious answer for me was, “please don’t. I really don’t want to see your boobies.” But the sad truth is, maybe she should have. A scandal creates publicity. Publicity creates attention. Attention sells tickets. It’s a sad but true fact of Hollywood.

My first novel, The Tethering, is going to be starting preorder in less than a month. I am super excited! It’s going to be great! But in a publishing industry of go big or go home, I feel lost. I’m a first time author. I had a great editor. I have a wonderful publisher who believes in The Tethering. I have a blog tour set up and everything. But how can I compete with authors whose social media followers number in the thousands?

I could pull a big stunt and see if I can become a YouTube sensation. I don’t know what the stunt could be, but there’s always brainstorming. I could pay hundreds of dollars for someone big to review my book. But then my credibility as an author goes straight out the window with a bought, glowing review.

I wish I had a snappy ending line to this blog, but I don’t. I just have a question and a request for ideas. What do you think I should do to give The Tethering the best start it can possibly have?

And while you’re doing my marketing for me, click here to attend The Tethering’s preorder event on Facebook and then share that with your friends. Also, while you’re on Facebook, follow my author page by clicking here. And for your kind suggestions and pinky promises to attend my Facebook event, I leave you with a gift: pictures of the ground squirrel that tried to kill me yesterday.

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4 Responses to “For the Love of Publicity (Or Dancing Naked on a Table)”

  1. Sam Wend Says:

    It might be worth reaxhing out o YA authors who do have alot of recognition and spcial media followers. Part of the reason they’re successful on social media is because they’re so accessible. Try getting in touch with people like John Green, Maureen Johnson, Sarah Dessen, Libba Bray, etc. – either for advice or a request for them to read/review/talk about your book.

  2. gtylermills Says:

    Great post. I’m sure the book will do great. Congrats and good luck!

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