What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Strife of Pie July 21, 2014

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I love my job. Sing, dance, wear a sparkly dress. It’s great. And for a theatre job, it’s been relatively drama free. Until last week. We were sitting at our daily meeting when our manager told us in a very serious voice, “So we have a problem. We’re missing a pie.”

Now, we don’t serve pie. The chef is kind enough to feed us dinner every night, and once in a while as a special treat, he orders us a four pack of pies. And one of the pies was missing from the fridge. Someone had gone into the fridge and taken our special treat pie. And not just any of the pies. The cookies and cream pie, which is unarguably the best pie in the four pack.

We were shocked. We were horrified. Who would be so cruel as to go into the fridge and take the pie thereby depriving everyone else of our yummy treat?

Our manager said that if anyone had taken it and was too embarrassed to come forward, they could speak to him in private, or that if the pie was returned, no further questions would be asked. Well naturally, we all started to ask questions about the identity of the pie thief.

There are theories abound, but no proof of the identity of the pie thief as yet. Who do you think stole the pie?

I will keep you updated as the mystery unravels.


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