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Killer Shoes June 25, 2014

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I have a problem. Well, I suppose it might be more of a conundrum. What shoes would I wear in the Zombie Apocalypse? Now, I don’t mean should I wear the strappy sandals or the red pumps. I mean would I be better off in sneakers or snow boots?

I really, in my current stranded in the middle of Alaska state, have four choices. I have all purpose snow/rain boots. They are very warm, waterproof, and sturdy. On the other hand, I can’t really run in them, thereby limiting my mobility and fleeing possibilities. I have combat-ish boots. Also good for cold weather, moderately rainproof, and lighter for running. But my feet slide in them, which might make me  more prone to falling while being pursued by evil brain eaters. I have my hiking boots. Really great arch support, moderately rainproof, and relatively easy to run in. But since they are breathable, they would also be easy for zombies to chew through.

Last but not least, I have my trail running sneakers. Not that I run on trails, or really ever choose to run either. But if I were to be chased by a bear or moose, which is a distinct possibility in my current situation, those shoes would provide maximum maneuverability. However, they don’t do well in snow, and should a zombie choose to nibble on my toes, I don’t know how protected I would really be. And this is the problem that I find myself facing right now. If the world ends tomorrow, what shoes should I wear?

Please let me know what you would choose and why in the comments section below. Should the zombie apocalypse come, and should a walker bite my ankle, you could very well be saving my life.


7 Responses to “Killer Shoes”

  1. Obviously, since you don’t have the perfect pair of shoes for this event, you should just go barefoot. Tootsies in the snow really makes a bold statement.

  2. rmactsc Says:

    Waterproof hiking boots, good for running, jumping, hiking, climbing, and zombie avoidance 🙂

    • I think the hiking boots might be a winner. On the plus side since there aren’t very many people where I am in Alaska, there shouldn’t be too many zombies. Of course we would all freeze to death with out regular shipments of fuel oil in the winter, but hey, always look on the bright side right!

  3. Definitely the hiking boots – the most likely ones to escape with. If they catch you, the fact that they can chew easily through your boots isn’t going to be as big a factor as that they can easily chew through the rest of you.

  4. avwalters Says:

    Zombie apocalypse? Oh my! Always go for comfort, and then, in this case mobility or speed.

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