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Beware of the Blogger June 21, 2014

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This past week, I had an email from a friend. She also has a blog, and her family is having a hard time with it. They don’t like the idea of strangers reading about their lives. Which I mildly understand. My sister doesn’t usually read this blog unless I tell her it’s one she would really think is funny, and my mother has been shocked on more than one occasion. But they were both a little worried when I started Life Beyond Exaggeration. I told my friend about all of this. How most people who read her blog will have no idea who she is, let alone who her family is. I was very supportive and encouraging.

And then, once I was done being a good person, I realized I could have the ultimate blogger’s revenge. Not that I would, but I could. A blogger has so much power. I could tell all of you everyone’s secrets, not just stories of my own personal humiliation. The way I write the stories on here that have to do with other people, you wouldn’t know exactly who I was talking about unless you had already heard the story. But what if a blogger went rogue? What if WordPress turned into Mean Girls?

If someone were to really make a blogger mad, how much damage could that blogger do before she was sued for defamation or whatever the “you told all my secrets to the world” lawsuit’s name is? And could you get in trouble if what you were saying was true?

I would never do something like that. I like my friends and would never want to hurt any of their feelings. But I do sort of feel like I should start making t-shirts. “Beware of the blogger. Her revenge will be posted shortly.”


3 Responses to “Beware of the Blogger”

  1. ksbeth Says:

    i love the t-shirt and it is great! my family and friends have gotten kind of used to it over time and pretty much just laugh and accept it now. i do hear, ‘you’re probably going to blog that, aren’t you?’ quite often )

  2. penelopevon Says:

    I ADORE the idea of a tee shirt!! I often think.. Oh my.. I’m gonna blog this.. But I’ve used “aliases” 🙂 hope it works!! But I’ve found that this is a wonderful creative forum!!

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