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Awkward Aids June 16, 2014

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Right now, I am working in beautiful Alaska! I get to perform all the time. Yay! One of the things we do is sing pre-show songs while the audience eats. I play the character who is always chasing men, so when I sing my pre-show song, I go out into the audience and flirt with the older gentlemen.

Ninety-eight percent of the time they love it. They want pictures. They don’t want me to leave them to go to the next old man. It’s great. Well, a few days ago I had a grumpy older man in the audience. He didn’t really seem interested in what was going on around him, so I decided to go sing to him to cheer him up.

I sat on his table and flirted, and he just gave me grumpy cat face and shook his head. Then he reached into his lap and held up two hearing aids. And not the giant old fashioned ones. The kind that sort of look like an awkward sea creature. I tried to smile and sang myself away from his table. As soon as the song was over, I ran to the back of the theatre, laughing.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the singing. He just couldn’t hear it… The old man probably thought that I was trying to shove my tits in his face for tips. Oops.

In other news: The signup for The Tethering Blog Tour is here! The dates are the 18th through the 30th of September. Follow this link to sign up, and thank you all for your support of The Tethering!


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