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Water Water Everywhere June 9, 2014

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Where I am currently living in Alaska, there are signs up around the whole building that look like this:

photo (3)

And it occurred to me that running out of water may be a strange concept to most people. It is, however, normal to me.

I grew up in the country. Our house, which was also an Inn, had a well, and when the well was dry, the water was gone. No more showers-fill the bucket up in the creek to flush the toilet-drive to the laundry mat in the city gone. You hear the pump won’t stop running-get the crow bar-check the water level-curse-and apply more deodorant gone. It didn’t matter if you just came back from dance class. You weren’t going to shower.

I understand that most people don’t think of water as a finite resource. But it is. Clean, drinkable water is a very limited resource. And it is something that, theoretically, we as a planet could run out of. This is why I have such a hard time living in Arizona. Cities are being given their water by other states. What if those other states decide not to send Arizona water? How will people drink, let alone shower and poo, like civilized humans? I know that third world countries don’t have anything really safe to drink, and babies are dying, but I also know how abstract that concept is to most people with laptops and internet access who might read this blog.

My mother always says that World War III will probably be about water. And when the water starts to run out, she hopes that the people who conserved while water was plentiful will be treated accordingly and be given a little extra to drink.

I hope it will never go this far, and I know you know that I hate having serious tones to my blog, but turn off the water while you soap your hands. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. And remember that turning on your tap and getting water you can drink is a privilege that some will never know. And hope for a rain in Alaska on all the days I don’t want to hike. Because I sweat when I hike, and I would like there to be water in the giant blue thing so I can shower and not be stinky. I like having friends, and I would hate to lose them because I smell funny.


3 Responses to “Water Water Everywhere”

  1. good2begone Says:

    I wrote a post about the same thing the other day. Our town is down to approximately 2 years of water supply and getting shorter every day. Conservation is a must!

  2. photofoxed Says:

    Glad you blogged about this. Have always been taught to conserve water. I shut the water off in between latherings for my showering.

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