What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger

The Rx Riddle May 14, 2014

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Hi, my name is Megan, and I am a Flonase addict. And by addict, I mean allergy sufferer. And by allergy sufferer, I mean please God make this sinus headache go away.

Flonase is a nice, simple, magic nose spray that makes breathing a possibility even on the most pollen polluted days. Unfortunately, I now find myself in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness with no more refills on my prescription. The doctor who prescribed the wonder spray says she won’t refill it unless I go in to see her. Not for any medical reason. I think she just wants my co-pay. I have no problem sending her my $35, but apparently that would make her more of a whore than a doctor. There are no doctors near me that I can see for less than $400, so finding a new doctor is out of the question.

And this is where my entitlement issues come into play. Please don’t hate me. I have health insurance. I pay my premium every month. I have money to buy this non-narcotic, non-painkiller, allergy medicine. I want to pay. I will even pay for shipping. And yet no one will sell it to me. There is no reason that this medicine shouldn’t be over the counter. There is nothing addictive or dangerous about it. I understand that there are rules because the pharmaceutical companies spent a huge amount of money on research, and they need to recoup that before people start copying their product. But why can’t it be copyrighted in an over the counter sort of way? If I can buy Zyrtec, why not Flonase? I am willing to pay my part of the research costs, and I would go to a doctor if I could. But that’s not possible, and it drives me crazy that I have to jump through ten kinds of hoops.

After hours on the phone with mostly very helpful and nice people, we still have not found a way to make my sinuses stop hurting. So I apologize for my rantyness this morning, but my eyes feel squished and my face is pounding.

On the plus side, I cuddled a sled dog puppy. Here is a happy picture to brighten your day.




One Response to “The Rx Riddle”

  1. Eeeks. And for the next how long? Time to enlist someone back home to develop an equivalent allergy and get a prescription – or look to the internet or Canada. This is ridiculous – you’re not trying to get high, just functional.

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